Hình Ảnh




These below article's main purpose are to assure your safety and follow the local rules and regulation, so that it is imperative that you understand, expecting and adhere to each of the following notices:

  1. Please ensure that you show a valid identification at our Front Desk:
  • Foreigner guests are required to present passports with a valid entry and exit visa.
  • Domestic guests will need to show valid ID cards or any other legal document(s) for identification purposes.     
  1. The following items are not permitted into the hotel: weapons, toxic materials, explosives or flammable items, drugs, narcotics. Pets and objects with offensive odour or disturbing noise are strictly forbidden into the Hotel.
  2. Please double check if the room door closed while inside and leaving the key at the Reception when going out.
  3. Visitors are not allowed into bedrooms unless with a specific reason presented at the Reception.
  4. Please store your valuable properties and jewelleries on your own safety box. The Hotel will not be responsible for any damage and loss of any property.
  5. You arenotallowed tomove and convertanyfurniturein the Hotel’s bedroom.
  6. You arenotallowed tochangeroomsand to have morenumberofpeopleineachbedroom.
  7. Cooking, washing or ironing in guest bedrooms is not permitted. Please donot smoke in bed. Please note that the open window of the bedroom and the bath room whiles moking. On each desk in the bed room with a shtray, please donot let cigarette falling on floormats, please donot let cigarettes burn the table and blankets, sheets, or pillows. You will be fined if cigarette burns or black desk, sheets, or pillows and entirely responsible if fire occurs in the room.
  8. Gambling and prostitution within the Hotel are in violation of the Government regulations.
  9. Guests are responsible to pay for the los and breakage of any Hotel‘s property or equipment.
  10. Daily check-in and check-out time is 12:00 am. If guest check out after 12:00 am, additional room charges will be posted to guest’s bill.

Thanks you very much for your staying time in our hotel. We are delighted to welcome you in the future. Goodbye and see you again.             


Hotel's Management