Brown sugar, winter melon; Functions & Benefits: Clear excessive heat and cool body system; Expel toxicity and dispel dampness; Relieve water retention; Quench thirst and dissolve phlegm Recommended Serving: Add about 300-400ml of hot water to 1 cube Place rice in a big bowl, add in soup to enjoy. Winter Melon Tea recipe: INGREDIENTS • 900g winter melon • 300g brown sugar. That end day is important, because it falls on the Guyu Festival, an agricultural holiday held to invite the... →, Dragon Pearl Jasmine Supreme is our finest Jasmine scented tea. Spread brown sugar powder and give a big stir to mix them evenly. This store does not control the Cookies used by these third party services or their policies or practices. Boba Box Limited Visit website. We only use spring-harvested Da Bai leaf buds from Fuding County, Fujian for the base tea, a variety usually reserved for white tea crafting. Our Winter Melon Sugar is sold in 1lb. CALL US NOW +44 (0) 127 9320 870. Instructions: Wash the winter melon carefully and then remove the skins. Boba Box Limited Visit website. 1. Send 2. Bebeto Spaghetti Blueraspberry.   1. Bebeto Spaghetti Strawberry. Cancel, Classic Winter Melon Brown Sugar Block - Just add to hot water for a delicious ready to serve tea. INSTRUCTIONS. ❄️ SF Store Closed Dec. 25-27 ❄️FREE Shipping on US Orders $50+. Harvested late April 2019 from Fuding County, Fujian Province. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is, Winter Melon Brown Sugar Block (550g block). brown sugar, traditionally we use Chinese brown sugar blocks (冰片糖), but regular/dark brown sugar is a great substitute. White Gourd, also known as winter melon, is a traditional Taiwanese flavour used in drinks and desserts for centuries. Winter Melon Brown Sugar Block. We serve via our Online Delivery platform across Delhi-NCR. $8.00. Then cut the left part into small cubes. Weight: 550 g Expiry Date: Shown on the package Origin: Taiwan raw cashew halves; 1 1/2 tbsp raw shelled pistachios; 4 cups whole milk; 1 1/2 cups sugar; 1 tsp. Next. In Stock Winter Melon Brown Sugar Block (550g block) Winter Melon Brown Sugar... Winter Melon Brown Sugar Block. Add shiitake mushroom, tomato and winter melon. Product successfully added to your shopping cart. Stir-fry briefly. Winter melon/ Ash gourd is rich in Saponin which has the power to block fat as well as slow down spikes in sugar level. Jul 27, 2014 - Explore Shayna Starkweather's board "Honeydew Melon" on Pinterest. Type : Concentrate,Instant Powder; ... trimming, de-seeding, washing, extracting, filtering, soaking, mixing with sugar, cooking, molding, cooling down, shaping and packaging. Shop Pampered Chef online for unique, easy-to-use kitchen products that make cooking fun.   You may also mix this tea or “punch” with milk or others flavors like grass jelly for a tasty homemade bubble tea. Flavor Name:Winter Melon Don Gua Tea Brick Ingredients: Sugar Cane, Winter Melon, artificial flavoring. Blend 1.5 kg winter melon flesh along with 250 gm brown sugar for making the syrup 2. In my pantry right now, I have a smoky, savory sugar puck from Guatemala; a flaky, grass- and molasses-tinged ball of jaggery from India; crystals of cane sugar from Taiwan that recall candied winter melon; and a raisin-y, twangy brick of sugar from China that’s so precious to me I … Great for wedding & confinement A traditional, unique, and refreshing summer drink in Taiwan made of finest locally-grown white gourd. You can also choose from haccp winter melon sugar There are 5 suppliers who sells winter melon sugar on, mainly located in Asia. or  By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. j Email us about this product. Please review those third parties' cookie, privacy, and data sharing statements. These benefits have been said to be helpful in the prevention of obesity and recovery from obesity. 黑糖紅棗桂圓枸杞 - Brown Sugar with Jujube, Longan & Wolfberry RM38.00 黑糖冬瓜寒天海燕窩 - Brown Sugar with Winter Melon, Sea Bird Nest & Agar and plugins from social media sites (like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). Recommended by Miss Tam Chiak, food blogger. Add oil to hot pot, stir-fry omnipork into crumbles. Add 50 gm rock sugar to the mixture and boil for around two hours 4. Marinated the winter melon for two hours, then the winter melon … How winter-melon tea is prepared? Throw them into a large pot. Baby & Toddler; Kids Products; Household; Garden & Outdoor; Kitchen Utensil; Industrial & DIY Each... →, Picked a few days after the Qing Ming holiday on April 5th, the date marks the beginning of a two week green tea harvest period that wraps up on April 20th. Submit Winter Brown Sugar Block. If you are logged into a social media website while visiting this website the social media plugins may allow the social media website to receive information that you visited this website and link it to your social media account. For detailed information on the cookies we use and the purposes for which we use them see our Cookie policy. The winter melon is peeled, sliced, and its seeds are removed. Melt one block of Winter Melon Sugar into 2 cups of hot water by simmering for 15 minutes at a low temperature and stirring until the sugar has dissolved. There are strictly necessary cookies that allow our website to function correctly, we ask you to accept these cookies for this purpose. A must have gadget... Large Syrup Pump. Quantity. or  Its name means "frozen summit", in reference to what was, at the time, one of the highest elevation tea gardens in Taiwan. Ingredients: 1/3 cup raw whole almonds; 3 tbsp. First... Transparent lychee juice balls can be consumed... Yellow peach juice balls can be consumed... Our website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users and provide you with a good experience when browsing. We also ask that you accept or decline the use of third-party cookies. Melon slices are stirred and cooked in boiling water with brown sugar and caramel for many hours. The inclusion of Winter Melon gives this sweet tea a bright, fresh flavor, akin to cucumbers. This mixture is filtered by net or gauze, ridding it of the dregs and impurities.Once the clean, brown liquid cools completely, it is then refrigerated, canned and sold as concentrated winter melon punch. blocks (454g). Winter Melon Brown Sugar Block. The locals sometimes call the tea "cai cha" or "vegetable tea", an endearing, familiar term for a tea that they drink day in and day out. Winter Melon Sugar. Winter Melon fruit from Taiwan is cooked with natural cane sugar from local sources to create this sweet and non-caffeinated herbal tea option called Dong Gua Tang, which is typically served over ice. Baoyo Winter Melon Tea(Preserved White Gourd Drink) Spec. Add silken tofu, wait until the soup boils again and add seasonings.
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